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Harley David & Aiden James

News on the Boys

Keeping you updated on Harley & Aiden.


My brother, my best friend.


Harley and Aiden a few weeks after Aiden was born.


My son, the SuperHero!

A few new updates

We just recently moved into our own house in Peoria, Arizona. The boys seem to enjoy it alot. They have their own living room full of toys and activities. Our backyard is very pretty with a combination of rocks and grass. We like to go on walks with Mommy in our green wagon.
Aiden just had his very 1st birthday and he had such a great time, keep a lookout for pictures from the party.
Harley is getting much better with our Doctor's visits. We just recently got a referral to an Asthma Allergy Clinic. We will keep you udated on our progress.

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